The east and west coasts of our country have guitar festivals - now we bring our festival closer to the center of the country, exhibiting some of the finest string instruments built anywhere in the world! We patterned our Festival after the extraordinary Healdsburg, the Newport Guitar Festivals and the International Luthier Showcase in Woodstock, NY.
What is a 'Guitar Festival'?  This is info about the 2015 festiva. If you've never been to one, it's the closest thing to heaven a guitar player will ever experience! There will be 70+ luthiers with hundreds of handmade guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, etc. that virtually can't be seen anywhere else. Many of these luthiers produce only 10-14 guitars per year, so you won't see these at guitar stores, only online.  The knowledge alone you can get from just speaking with these wonderful luthiers is exciting, but having the opportunity to hear, play and purchase some of the finest guitars produced in the world is pure joy and only available maybe once every year or two at different points across the country. 
You will be able to hear some of the finest musicians in this country playing each of these luthiers' instruments.  There will also be workshops by these musicians for almost every genre of these acoustic instruments, at every skill level.  You can even bring your guitar for some of these sessions if you want!
There will be no 2017 Memphis Festival
If you've made reservations at the Hilton, please cancel before May, or you will be charged for the room.
Stay tuned for possible future Memphis Festivals
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Click on any of the above links to go to their websites
Click on any of the above links to go to their websites
​We think it's time to bring this type of festival more to the center of the country; after serious consideration, we picked Memphis as the perfect place. In addition to being the single spot in the country (or world) where multiple musical genres were started, there is so much to see that you could (and should) spend extra time in Memphis to see all of the wonderful musical historical sites like Graceland, Sun Records, Beale Street, BB King's, Memphis Rock & Soul Museum, Stax Museum, and the new Blues Museum that will open the month before our festival. 
This will be 3 days of COMPLETE sensory overload!!