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There will be 70 luthiers showing their magnificent instruments in one exhibit hall.  The exhibit hall is set up so everyone has a good space.  The exhibits will be in a circle (actually more like a square) around the room, with an aisle down the middle.  In the foyer immediately adjacent to that exhibit hall, will be an area for a limited number of vendors - for inlay artists, straps, stands, strings, etc., all products that are essential the guitarist (without being guitars).

There will be a number of workshops teaching style and techniques for guitars, mandolins and ukuleles.

Immediately adjacent to the exhibition area will be a number of small areas to take these guitars on a 'test run' plus 3 large 'quiet' rooms where attendees can take the guitars to play them to get the true essence and all the nuances of the sound of these instruments.  

Within about 15 yards or so from the 'quiet rooms' will be the workshop rooms in one 
direction and the demo room and concert room in the other direction.  Everything is close together, you won't get a lot of exercise this weekend, but will experience a lot of music and some wonderful guitars!  There is a very large foyer between the demo room and concert room, that will be set up for food concession.  In the exhibition hall there will be several stations for free water, if you're thirsty.  Dress warm, as this area is a bit chilly (but outside will be warm).

There will be special events both Friday and Saturday night, both have limited seating (due to the venues and will be sold out). They are ONLY available to people who are attendees of the festival.

Friday night we will have exclusive access to the hottest spot on Beale Street - the HARD ROCK CAFE. Our deluxe busses will take you there for private event featuring our own Luthie-Aires. The restaurant and all staged seating are reserved for the festival.

Saturday night will be the the fabulous TOMMY EMMANUEL!

Sunday, the show closes at 4:00pm and you'll have to say goodbye until 2019 when the next one has been scheduled for (every odd year, first weekend in June).

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Friday, June 9th, 2017 - Sunday, June 11th, 2017