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Website Advertising:  
Website Advertising will appear on the right and left of the text on each page. Luthiers may advertise on any page, BUT only luthiers can advertise on the Luthier page.

Pros:  These ads will be on this site from the moment you buy it and send your jpg - linked to your website (must be vertical to fit) and will remain on the site until we begin the ​marketing for the 2017 Festival.  These are inexpensive but limited in the number we can put on each page.

Front Page - $400.00 - Sold Out
Luthier Page - $300.00
Other Pages - $200.00

Program Advertising:  
Program Advertising is available on any page except the front, back and inside cover (for sponsor).  Each luthier gets 1/6 of a page included with the price of their entrance fee

Pros:  People tend to hold on to these programs forever; even make notes in them.  If they can't afford to buy a guitar at the festival, they will refer back to this program when they are ready.

​Quarter Page - $300.00
Half Page - $500.00
​Full Page - $800.00
Inside Back Cover - $1,000.00 - Sold
​Page 1 - $1,200.00 - Sold

For Specifics, please download this file.

Web ads will go here
Web ads will go here
Website Advertising
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