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For Luthiers Only

Luthier's Payment
To ship guitars to Memphis.  Please ship them to arrive no earler than Monday, June 1st and no later than Thursday, June 4th.  MAKE SURE I (Bob Singer) know if you are shipping and how many boxes so I can send you tags for you boxes for easier set-up and breakdown. Please ship them to the following address:

Hilton Memphis
c/o Memphis Guitar Festival
Directors Room 3
939 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38120
I’ve found that on my Memphis Facebook Page, you can enter photos, but they don’t appear on my timeline, but a thumbnail on the left side of the screen. So if you want photos or photo albums on my FB page…either enter them on my regular page or send me photos and info. Either way, I will post them on the Memphis page. Gotta love Facebook…but that’s another issue. To email me, please use this email

For finished guitars, please send me pictures that I can post to my 'Featured Guitar' Page -
Schedule and Setup

There will be a meet and greet for luthiers and one guest (each) which will be in our demo room (you will get more information on that later.  Thursday night it will be set up for drinks and appetizers. Wood will also be available for you to purchase before the festival begins. The time is from 7:00PM - 10:00PM.  You will be issued two tickets for the 'Meet and Greet'.  
This is NOT dinner, just appetizers. If you have more then 2 people, you can buy extra tickets at our cost of $25.00 when you get your initial packets.

Set-up will be from 8:00PM - Noon. For those who send guitars to the Hilton (I will send you labels in May), your guitars will be brought out to your table and the empty boxes will be brought back to the locked guitar room.
Festival will be open noon-6:00PM Buses will leave at 7:00PM to B.B.King's (for those going)

Festival will be open 10:30AM-6:00PM Buses will leave at 6:45PM to Graceland (for those going)

Festival will be open 10:30AM-4:00PM. Tear down will be from 4:00PM-8:00PM, for those not driving, your empty boxes will be brought back to you for packing and attaching the appropriate label. The boxes will then be taken back to the locked guitar room and placed for either Fed-Ex or UPS pick-up

Guitars will be picked up by FedEx and UPS and shipped back to your shop per your instructions. We are currently working on getting discounts for all shipping.

The guitar room will be locked at all times (only I will have the key) and the Exhibition Hall will be locked from 6:15PM until 10:30AM nightly with a security guard Friday-Sunday evenings.
Deadline for submitting demo artist was February 28th - hard deadline-After that, slot will be eliminated.
Deadline for submitting free 1/6 page ad was March 31st - hard deadline.
Deadline for withdrawing from festival with refund was March 31st - hard deadline.
Luthier Payment
The Graceland and Beale Street Options are sold out.
Many of you have asked about selling guitars.  We will have 3 part sales receipts, one for you, one for the customer and one for us (so they can get a free t-shirt and other items that will be offered to those who buy guitars.  IF you need to sell by credit card, but don't have that ability, we will have 3 machines you can use (at check in, in the guitar exhibit room, table #17-my table or in the concert room (where CD's will be sold).  Cost for that will be 4%.
There won't be name tags on your table.  I recommend that you make banners to put in front of your table (there quite inexpensive)...just make sure that you bring something to secure them to your table.